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About us

Buy Stocks is committed to providing its users with trustworthy and effective investment insights to help them reach their financial goals.

We are headquartered in London, UK and also have offices in 3 other countries. Our team has grown to a strength of more than 20 researchers, along with over 30 contributors to help us publish our reports and reach millions of our readers across the globe.

Buy Stocks is owned by Investoo Group and backed by Kinetic Investments. Both of these organisations have been instrumental in making Buy Stocks a well-renowned name and a brand to trust.

Our vision, mission, and values

Our vision

Our vision is that everyone is able to reach their financial goals.

Our mission

Our mission is to equip everyone with much-needed investment information in its simplest and most accurate form, helping them make the best possible investment decisions. 

Our values

At Buy Stocks, we firmly abide by these five core values to fuel our team and achieve more:

  1. Learning is Continuous: Our team is continually hungry to learn and develop for the benefit of our users.
  2. Integrity in Integral: We aim to instil the feeling of trust among our users, which can only happen with honest efforts to gain and impart knowledge.
  3. Efficiency and Excellence: To maintain high standards of performance, proficiency, and subject expertise. 
  4. Simplicity and Accuracy: Information is best consumed and utilized when presented accurately and in a simple manner.
  5. Dream Big: We believe in not confining our aims and goals, and always delivering our best.

How does Buy Stocks work?

We have two primary avenues which we focus on:

  • Investment Education
  • Comparative Study Reports

Our readers can get all the relevant information through the content on our website to educate themselves.

Investment Education: As part of investment education, our website serves news, live data, courses, guides, reviews, trends, etc. to our readers.

Latest News: We keep an eye on everything happening in investment markets and the news that impacts investment and trading.

Real-Time Data: To be able to make smart trading and investment decisions everyone needs quick access to real-time data.

Investment Learning: We offer a wide variety of free courses for our users who want to learn the basics of investments, as well as get accustomed to tips and tricks of the trade through various investment markets.

Guides and Tutorials: We have various guides to take you through various processes in finance and investments. We have designed these guides in a very easy-to-understand format which guides you step-by-step through the processes so that you are never stuck.

Detailed Reviews: Aspiring investors can easily get confused among various products and services. Our detailed reviews of various products and services will help you understand of pros and cons of each product through an easy-to-understand table to make a suitable choice to match your goals and objectives.

Questions that matter!

Who funds Buy Stocks?

Investoo Group, based in London is the parent company of Buy Stocks and is the main investor behind this website. Investoo Group is a renowned company with a great reputation in financial lead generation and publishing content. It has played a key role in supporting Buy Stocks and making it a highly reputable platform for investment-related content.

Can Buy Stocks give me investment advice?

Buy Stocks is a great source of information, but as far as investment advice is concerned we recommend you consult a financial advisor and wealth manager. Everyone has a specific need and financial situation, and hence a customised investment plan should to be created for every individual. 

Is my data safe with Buy Stocks, and how it is used?

You can be absolutely worry-free with regard to your data. We only collect your email addresses if you wish to subscribe to our newsletter, to keep you updated on the latest news and alerts. You can read our Privacy Policy for more information. 

Does Buy Stocks use cookies?

Buy Stock website use cookies in order to offer customised user experience, based on the country you are accessing from and which device you use to access the website.

It helps us in delivering you the website in the most suitable format, and selecting the website display language. To read more about our cookies, please read our privacy policy.

We do this to ensure that content is displayed in the correct language and formatted correctly. You can find the details of what cookies we use by reading our privacy policy.