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Editorial Policy

Buy Stocks is committed to delivering reliable news and information surrounding the stock market and trading. Our partners are regulated and reputable, being some of the leading companies operating within the industry. Our site has strict editorial policies in place to maintain our high standards.

Aims and Objectives

Buy Stocks aims to provide readers with detailed and accurate information related to the various functionalities of brokers. As such, we endeavour to create clear and concise guides that readers can use to their advantage.

All contributors to our platform are required to remain objective, irrespective of any personal investments or otherwise. We do not accept monetary gains from third parties for the impartial reviews that we publish.

Our site is dedicated to informing the reader through well-researched articles. We do not provide financial advice of any kind. Any speculatory opinions offered by our writers are their own and are not necessarily the views of Buy Stocks.

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Our Revenue

Buy Stocks generates revenue from lead generation and marketing. The platform does not hold investments in any stocks or other financial assets.

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Our Comments Policy

We encourage readers to comment on our reviews, and as such, many articles have the facility for users to leave their thoughts and feedback. However, the following are rules which must be adhered to:

We do not accept or promote:

  • Abusive or threatening language
  • Slander of our writers or public figures
  • Discrimination of any kind
  • Breaches of copyright
  • Commercial Spam or other unauthorised advertisements
  • Seeking financial advice or compensation
  • Personal information, including email addresses or telephone numbers

Our team of moderators will remove all comments that do not respect these guidelines.

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If you feel that any comment on our site violates the above guidelines, please contact us.