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It is reasonable to think the pandemic may be in its final stages, says Moderna CEO

Hassan Maishera

The Coronavirus has affected the global economy over the past two years, but it might be coming to an end soon.

Moderna’s CEO Stephane Bance told CNBC in a recent interview that it is reasonable to think the pandemic is in its final stages.

Covid-19 has been around for more than two years now. During that period, the global economy was reshaped as companies and governments learned to adopt new ways of making things work.

In his interview today, Bance said the Covid-19 pandemic may now be in its final stages. The Moderna CEO said;

“There’s an 80% chance that as omicron evolves or SarsCov-2 virus evolves, we are going to see less and less virulent viruses. I think we got lucky as a world that omicron was not very virulent, but still are we see thousands of people dying every day around the planet because of omicron.”

Moderna is looking to expand its presence in Asia, and Bance discussed why the company is looking at the continent. He said;

“The reason we want to expand in Asia is the importance of that region. The fact that this virus is not going away … this virus is going to stay with humans forever, like flu, and we’d have to live with it.”

The Moderna CEO pointed out that he finds the company’s expansion into Asia very exciting. Moderna is planning to open new subsidiaries in Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The expansion comes as the pharmaceutical company continues to increase the manufacturing and distribution of its COVID-19 vaccine and future mRNA vaccines and therapeutics.

At the moment, Moderna’s messenger RNA vaccine is not available in Hong Kong despite the recent surge in Covid cases. However, Bance concluded that the company is working hard to gain the necessary regulatory clearances to make the vaccine available in Hong Kong.