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Target to test new Starbucks feature at its outlets

Hassan Maishera

Target is set to roll out a new service that would allow its users to enjoy Starbucks coffee while shopping.

Shoppers at some Target stores will now have the option to pick up a Starbucks coffee and make a return without leaving the car. The feature is set to be rolled out later this year.

The retail giant announced this latest development earlier today, stating that it will start to add those services to Drive Up. Drive Up is Target’s curbside pickup option and will be available at select stores later this year. 

However, Target declined to identify store locations or provide a timetable for the availability of the service. 

At the moment, Target has a Starbucks cafe in most of its big-box stores. A company spokeswoman stated that Target would start testing this feature with employees before rolling it out to customers.

She added that Target intends to scale the features across the United States. Curbside pickup has been responsible for Target’s massive growth during the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to Target, customers requested Starbucks pickup and returns. The launch of the service will see shoppers no longer need to use a pickup window to get a drink or make a return. 

The service helped the company as consumers were looking for quick and safe ways to purchase items. Furthermore, shoppers can also pick up their online purchases inside Target stores or have them delivered to their homes using the Target-owned home delivery service Shipt. 

The same-day online services provided by Target saw a massive increase by nearly 60% in the third quarter of 2021. This is in addition to the 200% growth it recorded the previous year. 

Target is set to report its fourth-quarter 2021 earnings on Tuesday, March 1, and analysts expect it to record favourable numbers. 

In recent months, the retail giant has been adding more features and merchandise to its Curbside pickup, including hundreds of alcoholic beverages, frozen groceries and more.